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PINES Academy Advantages

International Students

Qualified Teachers

Quality Education

Official IELTS Center

The PINES 4 Visions

Provide students with proper English education In addition to being a subject.

Your confidence and English-speaking skills will improve because of Pines’ innovative teaching techniques.

Developing moral character through experiences. Though language is not everything, it helps us to comprehend the diversity of people and cultures.

One of the most essential educational values is character.We must experience and comprehend cultural variety.We’ll provide you with the ideal environment for skills development.

The development of abilities and personalities depends heavily on communication. We must therefore understand the importance of working together.

It is neither convenient or simple to live with many people. But we ought to talk and understand one another.Together, let’s make a dream in life of thoughtful consideration.

Educating future leaders from around the world. Students that study English have more opportunities to lead on a global scale.

Discover various cultures and individuals. Increase your knowledge about the globe. Consider your position. You will get the chance to practice with our help.

About PINES Academy

Pines had evolved into an institution that focused on the development of language programs that are more practical and more appropriate to the proficiency level and learning styles of each student. The institution continues to expand and caters not just to ESL learners but also to English Standardized test-takers in courses like IELTS and TOEIC. It is the home of the CD-IELTS in Baguio and also an official TOEIC test center.

Study Programs

Intensive ESL Course

“Spartan Speaking Plus”, also known as the intensive speaking course, includes 5 Classes 1:1, in addition to 2 Group Classes 4:1, which increases the students’ opportunity to speak English. Students in the Levels 1 through 10 rigorous ESL program can enroll (Beginner to advanced). A beginner, intermediate, or advanced student may select either a 1:1 setting class or a 1:1 discussion class for the additional 1:1 lessons, depending on what they prefer or believe they need to develop. Additionally, because there are only 7 classes, the students have enough time to independently study or review the material.
PINES EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere
PINES EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere

TOEFL Course

Pines started preparing and researching about TOEFL courses since 2008 and eventually opened its own TOEFL program. The program aims to prepare students for their plans to enroll in graduate schools abroad, particularly in making themselves become acquainted with academic and professional English. If only 1 student qualifies in a given Test Module class, he/she is provided with 6 sessions of 1:1 class only. Currently, we give 8 complete sessions if there are at least 2 students in a group. It is highly recommended for students to take the Power ESL course for at least 8 to 12 weeks before taking the TOEFL module.

IELTS guarantee Course

IELTS Guarantee Course seeks to arm students with the strategic knowledge and practical abilities required for the IELTS exam. The fundamental test-taking abilities, tactics, and procedures are covered in every section of this course, along with information on the exam structure and question kinds. Additionally, it offers exercises that take place in class and mock exams to help students develop their abilities and approaches. A band average of 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5 in just 8 weeks or 12 weeks, depending on the student’s preference, can be attained by taking the IELTS test with confidence with the assistance of the IELTS Guarantee Course.

PINES EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere
PINES EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere

Power speaking course

A more advanced version of General ESL is Power Speaking, also referred to as the “Spartan Speaking” application. From beginning to advanced students, it is perfect for them all. There is a balanced mix of 1:1 and 4:1 classes in this program. It gives students the best possibilities to use authentic English in speaking, listening, reading, and writing while exposing them to the true English language. Different strategies are used by Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) to accomplish the intended result. In contrast to traditional classroom instruction, the CLT offers situational teachings that take place in real-world settings and are more enjoyable, helpful, and pertinent to current events.

ESL Campus (Main)

One of the finest ways for students to gain and enhance their English proficiency is through an ESL campus. Secondary Learners are comfortable and conveniently located in campus homes with a full range of living amenities.


Learn English at Pines Test Center Campus for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, and OPIC Preparation. The “English-Only-Policy” or EOP is strictly implemented on the campus to help students engage in English speaking and will, later on, result in fluency.

PINES Academy Facilities

Be ensured with English skills improvement and success through our stable academic system.

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