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QQEnglish International College of English Teaching has more than 1,300 experienced native English teachers teaching more than 15,000 online classes daily for language learners from 15 different countries.

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30 Lessons Per Month

15 Lessons Per Month

30 Lessons Per Month

15 Lessons Per Month

What is a score?

QQEnglish College of English Language Teaching is a new and special way for students to manage and reserve classes. In this way, according to the purchased package (30 points per month for intensive packages, 1500 points for semi-intensive packages, and 750 points per month for semi-intensive packages), the points related to that package are added to the language user account. In case of booking a class and according to the required points for the course or the requested language teacher, these points are calculated and deducted from the language account of the language learner and added to it in case of canceling the booked class.

Terms of class cancellation:

  1. If the booked class is canceled before 12 hours left in the class, all used points will be returned to your account
  2. If the booked class is canceled from 11 hours and 59 minutes to 1 hour left to class, only 50% of the points will be returned to your account.
  3. If the reserved class is canceled after 59 minutes left to class, no points will be refunded.

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