Callan, R.E.M.S

Callan, R.E.M.S

Perhaps for many of you the question is what are the Callan and R.E.M.S methods?

We all know that Speaking and Listening skills and english conversation in general is one of the biggest weaknesses of most learners. Many learners can easily read and understand articles or books in English, but when speaking to an English-speaking person, they either don’t understand or can’t respond quickly.

Callan and R.E.M.S methods are among the latest and most up-to-date educational methods for effectively and quickly strengthening English conversation, designed to address these weaknesses.

The method of holding classes in these courses is not the same as the usual methods of teaching English. Learners in conventional classes usually sit quietly in class, learn English grammar and vocabulary, and themselves struggle for the correct wording according to the scope of words and grammar.

In this method, learners learn new words and grammar by repeating sentences and in the form of different sentences (such as question, answer, news, etc.). In these methods, the teacher forces the learner to talk and repeat using pre-used and specified sentences more quickly than normal courses, so that in addition to strengthening his listening and speaking skills, his or her conversation skills are also enhanced and no longer need to think, word and translate, and into so-called English.

These courses are suitable for all learners from beginner to advanced levels who want to strengthen their conversation in English. The mechanism of effect of these courses is approximately 4 times that of regular conversation periods, which means that you can learn English conversation up to 4 times faster than regular conversation courses.

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Teachers have taken special courses to teach these methods. In these courses, the teacher does not allow the learner to think and make sentences so that the learner learns to think and speak English.

Reading & Writing

In these courses, the focus is more on conversation, and reading and writing skills are not practiced much. After this period, you can easily understand and talk to a native person. .

Repetition and speed

In these courses, learners quickly strengthen their conversation skills by learning new grammar and vocabulary using practical sentences and repeating them quickly.

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