Why EnglishFact?

EnglishFact is the only official representative of various foreign international schools with more than 10 years of educational experience

EnglishFact online school classes are held individually or in small groups. The day and time of private classes are at your disposal and you can manage (reserve or cancel) it through your user panel on the website

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Flexibility in the class schedule

You can easily book your class on the day and time you want through the user panel.

Payment in Dollars

Using the PayPal bank payment portal, you can make your purchase using PayPal.

Currency payments

If you wish, you can pay the amount of the course or package you want through international cards in dollars or the equivalent in other common currencies.

Secure payment

Using the latest and most secure payment profiles on the EnglishFact site, you can easily and without worries enter your information at the time of registration and payment.

If you do not have time, turn the site…

With this golden opportunity, you can participate in a free class to have the right choice with full knowledge of the quality of classes, courses, and professors.