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ClassLive is planned, developed, operated and managed by IDEA Education College in Cebu, Philippines.

One of the goals of Classlive: “Learn English wherever you are”.

The goals of language learners are to learn different English languages, such as formal education in high schools and universities, experience working abroad, immigration, and so on. In online classes, ClassLive aims to create a platform where you can study with Native teachers from anywhere in the world.

ClassLive classes are all in English and for language learners at all levels. The best feature of ClassLive is that it offers courses where you can also learn international skills. Problem solving skills, creativity, the ability to think in English, familiarity with the cultures of different countries and teamwork are all in this category.

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Lessons: Online

Method: one-0n-one private classes and large and small groups


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ClassLive EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere

Online classes anywhere, anytime

All classes, both private one-person classes and group classes, are held online. Using the Internet, you can learn English from Native teachers at home, at work, at school and everywhere.

ClassLive EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere

Interact with language learners from different countries

In ClassLive group classes, students are of the same level but from different countries. In this way, you can get acquainted with the culture and customs of different nationalities and have international friendship.

ClassLive EnglishFact Learn English from everywhere

Accelerator courses

In addition to comprehensive CL courses, the "Accelerator course" is designed to identify and reinforce learner weaknesses to increase speaking speed

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