Business English courses teach teach learners how to speak formally with a business orientation in different business situations. We all know that learning conversations and correspondence in English in business is one of the basic needs of any businessman or manager who engages with foreign companies or works in the international environment. In addition, those who want to immigrate or are applying for employment in foreign companies also need it to better hold an embassy interview or a job interview.

Business English has different meanings for different learners according to their needs. For some business English people, it means learning different skills in how to hold meetings, how to report work to colleagues or business partners, how to conduct negotiations, how to write emails or work correspondence, holding lectures, etc. For others, the focus is on learning and how to use words, terms and topics related to the business world and the international economy.

The courses are also considered as a prerequisite for international skills tests, IELTS or TOEFL because they teach you how to speak formally.

At EnglishFact we have collected numerous courses and books on a variety of topics according to your needs from different schools around the world to be able to help you achieve your goal in the best and fastest way possible.


Education is held through experienced teachers in this field. In these courses, you will learn the words and terms needed by the business environment.

Variety of books

The variety of books in this course will help you to easily introduce your business to companies abroad

Different Kinds of Book

The variety of books in this course will help you to easily present your work or business to companies abroad.

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