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Why Us?

Education Courses

Kids & Junior

Specialized educational courses for kids and juniors

Learning a language from a very young age and in childhood usually works best. your kid or junior is very prone to learning English, but practical education requires very specialized  courses with very experienced teachers.

Special IELTS & TOEFL test preparation courses

These courses properly prepare language learners for IBT or IELTS exams at various levels.
Expert teachers specialize in the latest updates of various exams.


Business English

Special Business English courses

Special business English courses help you interact to start your own business, find a suitable job or migrate to work. In these courses, you will also learn how to communicate with various foreign companies.

General English courses

The purpose of general English courses is to learn and improve the accuracy and mastery of language learners in all four English language skills.

General English

Callan & R.E.M.S

New methods of
Callan and R.E.M.S

Usually not all language learners at any level have enough confidence to speak English and especially have difficulty communicating with strangers. All these courses focus on your two main listening and speaking skills and you can talk to English-speaking people with complete confidence and ease in a short time.

Other training courses


The EnglishFact team has carefully selected and prepared a wide range of practical English language courses to suit your needs.

Others Courses






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